About Me :^)

About Me :^)

Education and Professional Interests

I am a G1 Ph.D. Student at Harvard in the Bioinformatics & Integrative Genomics (BIG) Program, with research interests in exploring the intersection of deep learning and precision medicine. I am currently working on problems such as multimodal learning, domain adaptation, and interpretability for computational pathology, and am advised by Dr. Faisal Mahmood.

Previously, I obtained my B.S/M.S. at Johns Hopkins University, where I studied Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. At Hopkins, I pursued research in scene understanding for surgical robotics under Nicholas Durr and Alan Yuille, and was able to solve problems such as synthetic data generation, depth estimation, and multimodal image fusion for better detection of nonpolyploid lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. Outside of academia, I was an early employee at Proscia, a startup that is building a cloud computing platform for digital pathology, working on various research projects and contributing to their main product, Concentriq (demo). I also worked at Apple on the Health Special Project and Applied Machine Learning Groups, where I developed multimodal approaches for jointly representating, visualizing, and integrating sensor and app-usage data streams from Apple devices (along with other health initatives). More of my work can be found here.

For Fun

Some of my favorite podcasts/blogs include: Serious Eats, The Moth, EconTalk, The Dave Chang Show, Artificial Intelligence by Lex Fridman, Secular Talk, and The Fighter and the Kid. I like to explore new cities through a blend of freestyle sessions, cooking workshops, and research conferences.

In my junior year of college, I got really, really into exploring strange Javascript libraries and CSS layouts. This website was made using Jekyll to broadly teach myself about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I haven't really changed it since, so if this website looks outdated and egregious, my fault - I was going through a rough patch in life and had interesting tastes in UI/UX Design. The animation between navigating pages is pretty clean, but holeee moleee at managing image assets. At the end of this learning experience, I learned that I should have just hosted on WordPress or used a pure HTML website XD.


Email: richardchen (at) g.harvard.edu.