About Me

About Me

Education and Professional Interests

My name is Richard, and I'm a student at Johns Hopkins University. I previously got my B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Hopkins, and I'm currently pursuing a M.S. in Computer Science, with a focus on domain adaptation and synthetic data generation, and their applications in medicine and healthcare.

Previously, I was a research assistant at the National Institutes of Health (NIBIB) under Prof. Richard Leapman, studying stem cells using electron and immunofluoresence microscopy. Outside of academia, I've worked in hospitals, early startups, and tech companies. I've also worked on three medical devices throughout my undergraduate years in the JHU Center for Bioengineering and Design Program. I've learned a lot about the intersection between health and technology, and the many pitfalls in this growing niche.

Currently, I'm exploring topics such as domain adaptation, multimodal learning, and interpreability, and applying contributions in these fields to advance medical image understanding and Precision Medicine. In my M.S., I am advised by Professors Nick Durr and Alan Yuille. Other research interests I have include exploring: novel dimensionality reduction and compression sensing techniques, attention mechanisms in computer vision, and anomaly detection in time-series data.

For Fun

Some of my favorite podcasts/blogs that I follow include: Serious Eats, The Moth, and EconTalk. When I travel, I like to make friends through a blend of pop-up dance sessions, cooking workshops, and scientific conferences.

I also like exploring strange Javascript libraries and CSS layouts, so if this website looks outstandingly egregious, I'm probably going through a rough patch in life, in which I've developed awful tastes in website design. I made this website using Jekyll to teach myself how to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript. At the end of learning experience, I realized that I should have just used WordPress/Squarespace/Pure HTML website.


My dream is to moonlight as a line cook and own my own food truck selling Zongzi.


Email: rchen40 (at) jhu (dot) edu.